34mm Stitch Tags

Image of 34mm Stitch Tags


50 34mm Printed Tags

Download the 34mm artwork template...HERE!

Details Sell Tees!!!

You know it, I know it and our customers certainly know it.

Your designs and illustrations kick ass, but then so do those of the competition.
The independently designed tee market is growing by the day and it's getting tougher
to get the attention of the buyers out there, eager to have the most killer tee
for this fridays pit... This should by rights be your latest tee.

Nothing lifts your customers appreciation of your product than smart tags and branding.
No doubt when you started your label you checked out the costs and numbers involved in
getting your own stitch tags - 250 to 500 unit minimum order quantities will have made
this step in the business plan one to aspire to.

Here at 'P' Laboratories we are the only supplier to offer a 34mm stitch tag
package from just £69.99

Raise your game and get your brand on it's way to proffessional presentation today.